Teenage Anxiety Therapy in Surrey

teenage anxietyOur Teenage Programme.

We  offer a specially designed course of consultations for Teenagers and their parents, providing them with the best methods of  reducing their teenage anxiety and supporting them to enjoy life and make the best of their opportunities.

All   teenagers go through huge psychological and emotional changes that last some years and research has shown there is a corresponding structural development taking place in the teenage years.

Understanding these natural developments that occur in the teenage’s and their effect on behaviour, hormone production, sleep patterns, decision making, risk assessment, emotional reactivity, memory, attention span, motivation, self confidence, intellectual resources, etc, not only helps the teenager but also helps the parents understand why their teenager is behaving in the way they are, so reducing stress for everyone!

I can also help them with proven effective methods to quickly and easily reduce exam and interview anxiety –   a powerful way to boost their confidence and results throughout their lives.

 We also provide sessions for teenagers experiencing phobias, eating disorders, addictions, sleep problems, bullying, exam nerves, loss of self confidence and relationship problems.

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Corporate stress reduction courses and training for Heathrow businesses

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Work place anxiety and stress training courses for HR services

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Anxiety counselling in Staines

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Hypnosis for self improvement

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How can hypnosis help me

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Science and hypnosis, recent study:

Imagine your eyelids are getting heavy, your arms are going limp and you feel like you’re floating through space. The power of hypnosis to alter your mind and body like this is all thanks to changes in a few specific areas of the brain, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered.

The scientists scanned the brains of 57 people during guided hypnosis sessions similar to those that might be used clinically to treat anxiety, pain or trauma. Distinct sections of the brain have altered activity and connectivity while someone is hypnotized, they report in a study that will be published online July 28 in   Cerebral Cortex .

“Now that we know which brain regions are involved, we may be able to use this knowledge to alter someone’s capacity to be hypnotized or the effectiveness of hypnosis for problems like pain control,” said the study’s senior author, David Spiegel, MD, professor and associate chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

A serious science

For some people, hypnosis is associated with loss of control or stage tricks. But doctors like Spiegel know it to be a serious science, revealing the brain’s ability to heal medical and psychiatric conditions.

“Hypnosis is the oldest Western form of psychotherapy, but it’s been tarred with the brush of dangling watches and purple capes,” said Spiegel, who holds the Jack, Samuel and Lulu Willson Professorship in Medicine. “In fact, it’s a very powerful means of changing the way we use our minds to control perception and our bodies.”