Agoraphobia’s relationship to panic attacks

What is Agoraphobia

 Agoraphobia is an avoidance of situations that could cause panic. A disorder of fear or phobia of situations where escape could be difficult, or in which help would not be available if something bad were to happen.

Agoraphobia is now quit commonly referred to as “panic attacks” , or anxiety attacks in the modern day.

This common phobia affects millions of people – and in extreme conditions can stop people from leaving their house.

The most common cause of panic disorder’s are due to people having been working around feeling and emotions and / or have been suppressing true feeling and emotions. For most people is is a build of of having been working around or suppressing a number of feelings and emotions for a period of time, this could be, weeks, months or years. For other people it could happen quite quickly after being involved  in a emotional major trauma.

Examples of a slow build up to a panic disorder: It could be that you working around feelings and emotion’s in your relationship, or with family, or work or even a combination of these over a period of time.

Examples of a major trauma: A victim of a crime, victim of abuse, they have witness or been involved in a terrible incident, been involved in a life threatening incident or illness, been involved in a serious accident.

Why panic disorders are so common

Simply put, the majority of people today can relate to both, they have experienced something quite major in their life, but also been spending a lot of time  working around some of those slow build up situations. R|relationship problems, family problems, work related problems, not all of it is working out as they expected, and thus they are having to work around true feelings and emotion’s all the time.

Panic disorders can affect almost anyone. It is a very treatable condition, and can easily be solved with a few sessions on therapy.


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