How much is a Therapy session ?

Fees are payable at each consultation by either cheque or cash, credit card, BACs or Paypal one session in advance.

Total therapy cost per session stay the same for each type of therapy, but the number of sessions condition varies with the nature of the presenting symptom, client history. We can only give outline estimates in the number of sessions required  until we have actually seen you. (For example dealing with panic attacks can range form 2 to 4 sessions, depending on severity and the length of time someone has been suffering them)

A therapy session will typically take about 60 minutes,


Daytime Hypnotherapy / NLP session (60 minutes) – £90 / session

Evening or weekend Hypnotherapy / NLP session (60 minutes) – £100 / session


Daytime Psychotherapy session (60 minutes) – £90 / session

Evening or weekend Psychotherapy session (60 minutes) – £100 / session


Daytime Counselling (including relationship counselling) session (55 minutes) – £60 / session

Evening or weekend Counselling (including relationship counselling) session (55 minutes) – £70/ session

Mindfulness: We run different mindfulness sessions: Group sessions are generally £25 pp in sessions run by us at Clarendon road. We also offer 1 -to -1 private sessions of Mindfulness, please ask for details.We also teach mindfulness to outside groups, ie, company employees, clubs, and other groups, if you would want us to teach  a mindfulness course to your group, please ask for details and prices.


Treatment selection

As a general rule during the consultation we have with you on the phone or your 1st session, we will always advise you which therapy would suit your condition best. We know for cost purposes some people like to opt for  the lowest cost, but we not provide a therapy for a condition that we know is not the best or most successful. Put simply some therapy’s just will not help some conditions, (for example no amount of counselling will resolve panic disorders, panic disorders need intervention therapies like NLP and clinical hypnosis and have a proven record of resolving panic disorders quickly and efficiently). In this case we would never offer you counselling for panic disorders.

Cancellation policy: We ask for 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel you appointment without loosing your fee. Again this is comparable with many organisations. Of course in extreme circumstances we are flexible on this.

We also ask you to consider how reasonable professional therapy charges are compared to other professional medical chargers: for instance you can pay up to and over £200 for just 20 min in a Dentist chair, and an hour of a vets time can run into 100s if not 1000s of pounds.