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For the past few years I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and have been prescribed antidepressants, i do try hard to fight the symptoms, rapid breathing, light-headiness, feeling of being faint,and feeling’s that i want to be sick etc but refuse to give into them, now though it is beginning to really get me down.I am finding that I am extremely anxious and panicky about travelling, whether it be by car, bus, train, I am making my familys lives a misery by not wanting to go on day trips or holiday. I feel that I would like to try hypnotherapy as other people have told me it has helped them.

Wise Blue Owl Therapy centre Answers:

1st please please believe us when we say that many people have much the same medical problem as you do, so you’re not alone. The way to defeat this is not through prescription drugs as they can only ever provide temporary relief. To achieve total resolve of the problem you do need therapy. You will be in safe and qualified hands at Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre. We do provide a number of therapies at Wise Blue Owl and the most effective we find for your condition is hypnotherapy. It is very unlikely that you will get hypnotherapy on the NHS. We at Wise Blue Owl would only normally need to see your for 2 or 3 sessions, as hypnosis is the most powerful of the therapy tools and can start to relieve the symptoms with in the first session.

Question: When i come for therapy will i need to bring details from my GP
Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre Answer:
No, your therapist at Wise Blue Owl will want to make up their own mind as to your condition, even though the information your GP has told you about your condition may be useful, an experience and qualified therapist will want to make up their own mind as to the condition you might be suffering. Please remember that your GP is not an expert in mental and emotional health, as well as prescribing drugs, many these days will tell patients that some form of therapy may help or refer you to some basic NHS counselling where and when this available, or if a GP was really concerned that your condition may be something more serious will refer you to  specialist in the neurology department at a hospital.
Question: How Long is a session and what are the costs.
Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre Answer:
The 1st session is generally an hour and a half, this is to allow the therapist to discuss your issue with you and to give you your fist session of hypnosis. The cost for this session is £90Subsequent sessions are for an hour and the cost for these sessions are £80

Question: How do I book a session:
You can call us on 01784 392449

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